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  • Aug 1 - Turning Point enrollment meetings will be held at the Turning Point on August 1 at 7 PM and August 2 at 11 AM. Students and parents/guardians must attend one of the meetings.
  • Aug 2 - Turning Point enrollment meetings will be held at the Turning Point on August 1 at 7 PM and August 2 at 11 AM. Students and parents/guardians must attend one of the meetings.
  • Aug 07 - WNMS - Back to School Open House, 6-8 pm
  • Aug 10 - First staff day
  • Aug 10 - WNE -Back to School Open House, 4-5:30 pm
  • Aug 10 - WNP - Meet the Teacher/Back to School Night, 5-7 pm
  • Aug 10 - WNHS - Freshman Orientation, 6-8 pm
  • Aug 11 - First student day
  • Sep 04 - Labor Day - no school
  • Sep 15 - Flex day
  • Oct 2 through 4 - WNP Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Oct 16 & 17 - Parent/Teacher Conferences for grades 2 - 12
  • Oct 19 - Staff work day
  • Oct 20 - Fall Break


The new teachers have begun their journey preparing for the school year and we could not be more excited to have them on our team! Welcome!!!

West Noble welcomes new teachers.

Row 1 - L to R - Samantha Christner, Jacqueline Fair, Renee Zeigler, Aimee Shaw, Ashley Shepherd, Heather Foster.
Row 2 - L to R - Tom Conner, Adam Tomlinson, Charles Grady, Susan Stackhouse, Hayley Hostetler.




If you have not already registered your student, please do so today.

The school relies on each student being registered to create balanced class rosters, accurate bus routes and up to date medical information for your student.

Thank you for your cooperation.





Current West Noble Students - If you need your snapcode please send a request to wnstudentinfo@westnoble.k12.in.us (This is not a link. You will need to type in the address and email within your email program.)

Out of District Students - If one or both custodial parents live outside of the West Noble District, a
request to attend West Noble form must be submitted to the main office of the school the student
will attend by August 12th.

New Students (or West Noble students who have attended another school since enrollment at West Noble) should contact the building their child will attend after July 24.

Please bring the following: birth certificate, copy of transcript or grade card from prior school, immunization records, and proof of residence


There will be NO PHYSICALS offered at the school this year, so you will be responsible to see that you have one done before school starts in August.

You may have a physical done at your doctor's office. Some local urgent care facilities also offer them. MedStat in Syracuse offers sports physicals; they are $43, and no appt. is needed. Hours are Monday-Friday 7 am-7 pm, and Saturday 8 am-4 pm. (Phone:574-457-8682)

PLEASE PICK UP THE PHYSICAL PAPERWORK IN THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR'S OR NURSE'S OFFICE, BEFORE YOU GO. This is the form you will need to have filled out at your appointment.


We are excited to share that WNSC has partnered with the Northeastern Center and Bowen to provide monthly meetings for parents and children over various topics! We will kick this off with our first session on May 11 from 6:00-7:00 pm at WNE. This is open to ALL families of ALL grade levels. Our first session: Summer Success for Students! Don't miss out!


The MyPaymentsPlus system is ready, updated and available for West Noble School Corporation users for the 2017-2018 school year. You will need to log-in to your MyPaymentsPlus account and RESET your preferences for features such as Auto-Pay or Low-Balance E-mail notifications. We thank you for partnering with us in this effort. The MyPaymentsPlus Team on behalf of West Noble School Corporation.


  • Sra. Aracely Garcia, ext. 4000 - West Noble Primary
  • Sra. Claudia Christenson, ext. 1005 - West Noble Elementary
  • Sra. Toy Mast, ext. 2015 - West Noble Middle School
  • Dr. Greg Baker, ext. 3001 - West Noble High School


WNSC Model Evidence-Based Plan for Improving Behavior and Discipline within Schools (PDF)

In accordance with HEA-1419 schools will partner with the Indiana Department of Education to develop an evidence based plan for improving behavior and discipline in the school corporation. Public comment and input is a crucial part of developing and implementing this plan. Contact person: Greg Baker - bakerg@westnoble.k12.in.us








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