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West Noble High School Help for Homework!

  1. LRC: Schedule a period for the learning resource center where there are several teachers assigned to help students with questions and homework. If they can’t help you in upper level science or math, they will put you in contact with a National Honor Society student who can assist.
  2. 1-877-ASK Rose is a homework help hotline manned by Rose Hulman engineering students and is a toll free line open 7:00pm till 10:00pm Sunday through Thursday, excluding college vacations.
  3. Contact the guidance office to arrange for outside of school tutoring usually taking place at a local library. This would involve honor students tutoring as a part time job.
  4. Contact a guidance counselor if you are struggling. Guidance can help with organization, stress management, and arranging for additional help.
  5. SSR: students may get a pass during reading time to seek out one of their teachers for additional help.
  6. Don’t put off getting help. If you are worried about your grades or test scores ask for help right away. Whether you are struggling with homework or tests and quizzes, ask your teacher or school counselor for specific ways to improve. Speak up if you think you are falling behind. Don’t wait till it is too late.

    If you need assistance with homework during homeroom or LRC time fill out the form below. If you have questions please contact Mrs. Brittney Wilson via email: wilsonb@westnoble.k12.in.us

    If you are off campus you will need to login to your WN email account to see and complete the form.









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