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Grades K-1 - West Noble Primary
Grades 2-4 - West Noble Elementary

Grades 5-8 - West Noble Middle School
Grades 9-12 - West Noble High School


If you have not already registered your student, please do so today.

The school relies on each student being registered to create balanced class rosters, accurate bus routes and up to date medical information for your student.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Current West Noble Students - If you need your snapcode please send a request to wnstudentinfo@westnoble.k12.in.us (This is not a link. You will need to type in the address and email within your email program.)

Out of District Students - If one or both custodial parents live outside of the West Noble District, a
request to attend West Noble form must be submitted to the main office of the school the student
will attend by August 12th.

New Students (or West Noble students who have attended another school since enrollment at West Noble) should contact the building their child will attend after July 24.

Please bring the following: birth certificate, copy of transcript or grade card from prior school, immunization records, and proof of residence

Helpful Hints for Online Registration


Links for InfoSnap (Online Registration)


To apply for free/reduced meals and textbook assistance please contact the building your student attends for an application. Completed applications may be returned to the school or mailed to: Attn: Jan Cunningham, West Noble School Corporation, 5050 N US HWY 33, Ligonier, IN 46767

If you have questions please call one of the numbers listed below.

English - Jan Cunningham at 1-800-488-3191 ext. 5030
Spanish - Claudia Christenson at 1-800-488-3191 ext. 1005


Parents/Guardians: Please note that you will be charged for textbook rental 3 times during the 2017-2018 school year. The charges will take place on or around September 15, December 15, and March 15. You will be notified by First Class Mail when charges are posted.

Charges will appear in each student's electronic MyPaymentsPlus account.

Unpaid textbook rental balances are considered delinquent on May 15, 2018. If balances are unpaid on that date, the collection process will begin.









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