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The MyPaymentsPlus system is ready, updated and available for West Noble School Corporation users for the 2017-2018 school year. You will need to log-in to your MyPaymentsPlus account and RESET your preferences for features such as Auto-Pay or Low-Balance E-mail notifications. We thank you for partnering with us in this effort. The MyPaymentsPlus Team on behalf of West Noble School Corporation.


If you need a Free and Reduced Meals Application during the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year please contact the school office or call one of the numbers listed below.

The Free and Reduced applications for the 2018-2019 school year will be posted this summer once they are released.

If you have questions please call one of the numbers listed below.

  • English - Jan (Reidenbach) Cunningham at 1-800-488-3191 ext. 5030
  • Spanish - Claudia Christenson at 1-800-488-3191 ext. 1005


  • Breakfast and Lunch Prices 2017-2018 school year / Desayuno y Almuerzo precios 2017-2018
    • West Noble Primary and West Noble Elementary
      • $1.90 per lunch meal / $1.90 por almuerzo
      • $1.50 per breakfast meal / $1.50 por comida del desayuno
    • West Noble Middle and West Noble High Schools / Secundaria-MS & Preparatoria-HS
      • $2.45 per lunch meal / $2.45 por almuerzo
      • $1.50 per breakfast meal / $1.50 por comida del desayuno
    • Adult / Adulto
      • $3.50 per lunch meal / $3.50 por almuerzo
      • $3.50 per breakfast meal / $3.50 por comida del desayuno
    • Extra Milk / Leche Extra - $.25
  • Meal cost by month - WNE and WNP 2017-18
  • Meal cost by month - HS and MS 2017-18
  • Breakfast is a complete meal - no choices or ala carte items are available
    • El desayuno es un plato completo-no se vendera comida por separado.
  • If eating breakfast, be sure there is enough money in the account for both breakfast and lunch.
    • Si estan desayunando, asegurese de que tenga suficiente dinero en la cuenta para ambos desayuno y lonche.
  • Lunch ala carte items at MS and HS will be available at FULL price for ALL students.
    • Lonche - En las escuelas Secundaria y Preparatoria (High School) la comida por separado se vendera a precio REGULAR a TODOS los estudiantes.
  • Middle school students must purchase a meal to buy the ala carte items.
    • Estudiantes de Secundaria deberan comprar un platillo para poder comprar comida por separado.
  • Lunch staff reserves the right to limit ala carte items for any student.
    • El personal de la cocina tiene derecho de limitar comida por separado a cualquier estudiante.
  • A parent, or a student, may request an account balance at any time.
    • Un padre o estudiante puede solicitar el balance de su cuenta en cualquier momento. Los estudiantes son responsables de estar al corriente con sus balances
  • Ala carte items do cost extra. If a student chooses to purchase these items, his/her account balance may decrease quickly. It is the responsibility of the student and his/her parent to keep a balance in the account.
    • Comida que se vende por separado SI tiene costo EXTRA. Si un estudiante elige comprar uno de estos, su cuenta puede bajar muy rapido. Es responsabilidad del estudiante tener dinero en su cuenta.


If your child has a food allergy we will try to accommodate them. A signed doctor's statement for the current year stating the allergy and recommendations for altering meals must be on file in the food service office of the building the child attends.


  • Meal account balances - Debbie Rodriguez - 894-3191 ext. 5035
  • Free/Reduced meal applications and questions - Jan (Reidenbach) Cunningham - 894-3191 ext. 5030
  • For nutrition, food allergies, or menu questions, contact:
    • West Noble Primary - Sharon Bennett - 894-3191 ext. 4035
    • West Noble Elementary - Jennie Allen - 894-3191 ext. 1035
    • WN Middle School - Susie Culp - 894-3191 ext. 2035
    • WN High School - Lori Shrock - 894-3191 ext. 3035

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
Esta institución es un proveedor que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades.







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