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Employment Opportunities
updated April 26, 2016

CLASSIFIED- Must be Highly Qualified 2016-2017

  • MS Nurse
  • MS Media
  • HS Secretary

CERTIFIED - Must be Highly Qualified 2016-2017

  • HS Business Teacher
  • HS Boys Physical Education Teacher
  • HS Temporary English Teacher - start 2016/17 school lyear to end 1st Trimester


CERTIFIED (Must be Highly Qualified)

    • WNE Summer School Administrator
    • WNP Summer School Administrator
    • WNE Summer School Teachers - grades 2-4
    • WNP Summer School Teachers - grades K-1

CLASSIFIED (Must be Highly Qualified)

  • WNE Summer School Secretary
  • WNP Summer School Secretary
  • WNE Summer School Instructional Assistants
  • WNP Summer School Instructional Assistants

(Certified staff may apply for any of the below positions.)

  • None at this time


Certified Application - (PDF) - Certified applicants: Please return the completed application along with your resume, transcrips(s), NTE/Praxis II results and current license(s) to Karen Hoover, address below.

Classified Application - (PDF)

To apply for any of the above positions please submit completed application, and additional documentation if necessary, to:

Karen Hoover, Administrative Secretary
West Noble School Corporation
5050 N US Highway 33
Ligonier, IN 46767-9606

Email: hooverk@westnoble.k12.in.us
Phone: 260.894.3191 ext. 5000


High School Openings

  • HS Assistant Athletic Director - Fall
  • HS Football Assistant Coach - 3 positions
  • HS Boy's Soccer Coach
  • HS Boy's Soccer Assistant Coach
  • HS Girl's Soccer Coach
  • HS Girl's Soccer Assistant Coach
  • HS Volleyball Coach
  • HS Volleyball Assistant Coach
  • HS Cheerleading Coach

For High School Athletic Openings Contact:
Tom Schermerhorn, High School Athletic Director

260 894-3191 ext. 3055 or schermerhornto@westnoble.k12.in.us

Middle School Openings - 2015/2016

  • None at this time

For Middle School Athletic Openings Contact:
Gene Teel, Middle School Athletic Director
260 894-3191 ext. 2055 or teelge@westnoble.k12.in.us







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