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Textbook rental collections will be handled in the guidelines outlined below.  When “parent” is used in the guidelines this means the responsible individual for the student.

  1. Textbook rental will be charged to parents 3 times during the school year.
  2. Parents will be invoiced 10 days after registration the fees for students at the Primary, Elementary, and Middle School level that are due.  Students at the High School will have fees due that are expected from every student.  This information will be available in each student’s (electronic) account.
  3. Textbook rental will be charged to each student’s (electronic) account on or about Sept 15, Dec 15, and March 15.
  4. Unpaid textbook rental accounts are considered delinquent on May 15 and the collection process will start.
  5. Parents will be notified when amounts are posted to the student’s account.








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